Exciting Updates!

Exciting News Update!

Yesterday I was finally allowed to announce that we have been selected ad on of the Small Business Saturday 100 for 2020 which was a huge shock but something we are so excited about!

Like many small, independent businesses we have had to work extra hard during the the pandemic to operate & keep selling our stock. To be recognised for our hard work means the World to us & we want to continue with our hard work & get our business into the mainstream so more people can see that it is possible to run a nursery sustainably & it just takes some time & investment to make small changes that have a better effect on our environment.

Being part of #smallbiz100 means that we should get more coverage in the UK about what we are doing differently & how it is working. We have a special day on Thursday 19th of November in the Small Business Saturday calendar which focuses on us, covering lots of different social media platforms with our photos & information to get the word out about how special we are!


Small Business Saturday is on Saturday 5th of December & we will be celebrating at the nursery during our Christmas tree sales, so check back for updates as we have a big campaign starting in December!


We will reopen on Saturday 5th of September with new plant & antique stock. 

We will also be joined by the lovely Andrea, with her Charleston Bar which will be serving tea, coffee & cake on the first weekend to celebrate opening again & promote her lovely new business venture.

During our August break we will still be offering online plant, compost & gift ordering via The Big Small Shop who will deliver to local postcodes OX10, 11, 12, 14, 44, 49 & RG4, 8, 9 for £3.90 for plants or £5.90 for unlimited compost (usually next day delivery if ordered on a weekday before midday!)

Delivery rates are really reasonable & plants are delivered in cardboard PosiPots, paper & card packaging that can be recycled.

Compost can be delivered, we have Dalefoot peat free, organic, wool compost for general use 30 litres & Dalefoot seed compost 10 litre bag.

No pesticides are used on our plants & we water with harvested rainwater. 

No plastic leaves the site if we can *help it.

*newly potted plants might arrive in a plastic pot as the root system is still establishing and needs to keep in the pot for a few more weeks. We will take our pots back if this is the case!

Compost is in a plastic bag but if you open it across the top we can reuse it again on the nursery so simply hold on to it & return it when you're next visiting.

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