Personalised Commissions - Wedding Illustration

March 21, 2018

At the weekend I was lucky enough to be invited to the spectacular wedding of two wonderful friends.

We've been lucky enough in the past few years, to be invited to lots of special wedding days around the country, however, each time we are invited we have a huge worry about we will give as a wedding present. For example, sometimes couples are already living together or have children already or they don't ask for anything at all. This was the issue we faced this time & it got me thinking about how I could make a special, personalised present focusing solely on the couple.

Once I got started on writing a list of things I knew about Nick & Ruth, the ideas started flowing & the project became something that quickly came together & I enjoyed creating so much, hopefully this is reflected in the final design!

If you are interested in having a personalised print created for either a happy couple getting married or for someone special having a birthday/Christmas please get in touch.

Usually I work quickly but you need to allow around 10-14 days for me to complete the illustration & get it printed & delivered. This illustration was printed directly onto MDF in a record sleeve size (in reference to the couples love of record collecting!) & ready to be hung directly on a wall. This format is more expensive due to the MDF printing but a gliclee print onto specialist paper makes the commission very reasonable & cheaper, please feel free to email me for prices & I will be happy to help.



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