Reality of working from home...

March 23, 2018

I love a scroll through Instagram, looking at beautifully photographed & filtered images of design, fashion & home but for me the reality is this. These photos sum up how I work in chaos!

I am lucky to work from home & have the front room dedicated as my studio space, my husband built me a large desk last year & I have plenty of storage but it still gets like this (very) often.

The reality is that during the day three days a week whilst P is at school & M is at nursery, I have 5 hours to complete as much work as possible. It's like a countdown & I do not stop as I know how time is so precious when you have none!

Things end up piling up on my desk as I work on about 7 things at the same time. Yesterday I was photographing work for the new website shop, ordering items, doing accounts, updating my blog, ironing pieces to photograph & grabbing tea and rice cakes whilst working!

When I collect the kids I still try to work whilst they play but this never really works and I usually end up trying to do both, just trying to complete one thing before I forget.

Having a family & trying to work for myself is never easy or straight forward but this year I think I am getting closer to become more efficient & getting more balance in the work/home/domestic life. 



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